One of the most important fish-keeping decisions you can make when owning an aquarium is choosing the right type of filtration system. This will not only impact the quantity and type of fish you keep, but also the level of maintenance you require to keep your aquarium in top condition.

Proper filtration makes sure your aquarium is filled with clean water always. This makes sure your fish, water plants and other marine life are happy and healthy. Unlike aquariums, rivers and oceans have currents that carry away harmful substances, keeping them away from the marine life. These large water bodies also have organisms and bacteria that consume the waste products, therefore keeping the water clean. This isn’t the same as the aquarium.

While beginning, you might choose an economical power filter for your first aquarium. It might serve the purpose of filtration but might not be as effective. Ask any expert, and they will straight-out advise you that you need to upgrade to a better filtration system. The best choice you have is to go for the best aquarium canister filter, that is if you need to upgrade to a powerful filtration system that gives you custom filtration options for large aquariums.

These canister filters are strategically located under the aquarium and provide powerful filtration options without affecting the beauty of the aquarium. Canister filters are suitable for heavily stocked or large aquariums and can hold large filter media.

Using Canister Filters for Different Aquarium Needs

These canisters are versatile, and you can customize them to hold a large amount of chemical, mechanical and biological filter media. You can combine these media in different ways to enjoy superior filtration. What you get is a special filtration system that addresses your needs. So, how can you achieve this superior filtration for various conditions?

Fish That Produce Large Amounts of Wastes

If the fish you rear produces large amounts of waste, you can incorporate more mechanical media in the canister filtration system as compared to the other types of media. Use filter pads of different coarseness to effectively keep the water clean. You can integrate this system with a fine micron filter pad to remove even the tiniest of particles from the water to leave it crystal clear.

Fish That Require Consistent, Perfect water Conditions

If the fish you chose require conditions that are consistently stable, opt for a larger percentage of chemical media such as resins and activated carbon materials. These are perfect for removing contaminants that degrade the quality of water. You can also target specific pollutants to ensure your fish survives longer.

Heavily Stocked Aquarium

If you are keeping many fish in your aquarium, make use of more biological media as compared to other filtration media. Sponges, ceramic rings, and other biological media to handle harmful ammonia and other components.

Come up with the appropriate canister filtration system depending on the composition of your aquarium.

You can improve the performance of your filtration system by adding some components that make the filtration process better. You can use accessories such as water chillers, UV clarifiers, and BIO-wheels to achieve superior filtration. Hint: Make use of these accessories in-line.

What is The Long-term Benefit?

Once you have the right filtration system in place, you get to enjoy a number of benefits. First, you reduce on the regularity of maintenance. Although you will have to clean the tank time and again, you reduce the amount of work you put in when you have a filtration system in place. In addition to giving you an easy time, you end up with healthier fish. The filter reduces the development of ammonia stress, which, if not contained, can lead to ammonia poisoning which is fatal.


Simple filters won’t work effectively especially when it comes to larger or heavily stocked aquariums. In such a case, you need a canister filtration system which you can customize depending on your needs.