Tribest isn’t a brand I’m very familiar with, and it’s one that I need to learn a little more about for sure. I’ve always been the type of person to strive for greatness, no matter what I happen to be doing. Even if it comes to purchasing a juicer, I still want to have the proper selection. In order to do that, you’ve got to look at some of the best reviews around, as they’ll point you to the right juicer in no time. That’s the main reason why I felt the need to write something of this nature. There will always be reliable juicer reviews online, you just have to search for them most of the time.

What Do You Look For?

When I’m shopping for a juicer, I try and make sure the one that I plan on purchasing isn’t going to let me down one way or another. As a result, I find myself constantly looking at other reviews online, as well as just looking at the product features for myself – only then will I be able to make the right choice.


The duo-blade double-edged Ultem auger is amazing and works like a charm, this is probably the most powerful juicing auger I’ve ever used in my life. There’s a low speed of 47 RPMs being used, but since the auger is so powerful, it isn’t going to negatively affect the process – it’s actually going to preserve the enzymes of fruits and vegetables. The mincing attachment can be used to make your own kinds of butters, as well as pates and sorbets. The 3-stage speed reduction gear process is reliable and potent, while the 200 watt motor isn’t very powerful. It’s 100% BPA-free when it comes to both the housing and casing of this juicer.

The Pro’s

The duo-blade double-edged auger really is a blessing in disguise, as everything else about this juicer is somewhat lacking. There’s a mincing attachment that lets you make your very own butters and such as well, and the 3-stage speed reduction gears are used to ensure that breakdowns are minimized. The enzymes in your juice (that help you digest everything) won’t be broken down as much, and will lead to a healthier gut.

The Con’s

The motor itself is very weak, so it’s a good thing that the auger implemented is a very sturdy one. If it wasn’t, this would probably just be a piece of junk – then again, it’s so slow because it’s meant to preserve the enzymes (and it’s called a slow juicer, duh!). You might want a little more power behind your juicer, but its all subjective.

My Verdict

Since it’s really slow, but still helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle in more ways than one, I would suggest that you do a little more research on this juicer before you buy it. It could be the right fit, and it could be the worst fit, it all depends on what you want to do with it.