Yves Tan Guy Our blog Things you Need to Know Before Buying Instagram Followers

Things you Need to Know Before Buying Instagram Followers

The ability to accumulate thousands of followers instantly is very tempting, especially if you are a small business owner competing with seasoned influencers. Without a doubt, a large following on Instagram gives you some traction on the platform. No wonder some businessmen have turned to buy followers in an effort to enhance their brand identity.

Sadly, most of these followers are fake and do not bring any real engagement to your account. Buying followers can easily ruin your brand’s image and demean your loyal customers. With Instagram continuously getting rid of spam accounts, buying followers can be a risky endeavor. However, if you are still pondering the option, click here or read on to get a grasp of the things you need to be aware of.

Credibility Matters

Growing your account organically is not only morally right but also fruitful in the long run. Honest interaction is a firm foundation for breeding long-term and loyal clients. Taking into account the shortcomings of buying followers, it’s an option that should only be considered if you are looking for a short-term solution. Buying followers reflect poorly on your brand and you are likely to lose credibility if you are discovered.

Account Activity Should Reflect the Number of Followers

Gone are the days when having a large number of followers was the only metric used to evaluate your account. Users have become savvier in the modern day, thus making it easy to identify fake followers or accounts with fake followers. What matters most today is the level of engagement in your account. Also, most importantly, the number of followers you have should be reflected in the activity and engagement levels of your account.

You would rather have a thousand followers who comment, like, and share your posts rather than have ten thousand followers with no impact on your account activity. By growing your account through organic engagement, you do not just appear legit but also draw some respect from followers and competitors alike.

Instagram’s Terms of Use

Buying followers amount to a violation of Instagram’s terms of use. That not only reflects badly on your brand but may also get your account flagged and eventually suspended. With bought followers, don’t be surprised to wake up one day and find a huge chunk of your followers gone. This has happened in the past for celebrities and reputable brands. Instagram is always putting in place measures to reduce the use of spam accounts on the platform. Thus, if you settle on buying followers, it might not be too long before your account is discovered and action taken.