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The Most Reliable Review Sites on the Internet

With so many review sites out there it’s hard to make a choice, and even harder to know which one provides reliable reviews so for that reason we did the leg work for you, so that you can focus on price instead, and eventually where you are going to purchase the product of your choice.

They are all affiliate sites

Realize that each and every one of them are affiliate of the sites they pick the products from. This should not come as a surprise though as why else would they publish new content on a consistent base if there was no pay-off. Still, although they are affiliated the sites like Amazon, Target, eBay, and so on don’t ask them to review certain products, it’s all at the discrection of the review site what they think is a good product and what not and the commission is the same for each and every product so no worries about that.

Let’s start with BestReviews.com

Best Reviews is one of my favorite as they cover a very large range of products, no matter what I’m looking to purchase they have it all in one place and instead of having to go through dozens of individual product reviews they all pack it in one place with a nice comparsion graph that includes all the features so they definitely have my vote.

SelectedBest.info – The new kid on the block

Although they are still a small site you can see that they pay good attention to the details and offer a fair view of each product. Instead of only picking the five best products they also tend to choose some poor products and recommend not to buy it, which is very useful in case there is a product on your mind that you’ve thought about. SelectedBest is like a second opinion you get from the doctor so have a look to see if they cover the type of product that you are looking for.

Another Favorite – TopTenReviews.com

They’ve probably been around for the longest amount of time so if there is one reliable reviewer then Top Ten Reviews is it. Besides reviewing physical products they also have a great selection of softwares and services that they cover so I’m sure they can help you in your quest to what you need.

Summing it up

If you still can’t find what you are looking for after reading this post then it’s probably best that you go to your local (hardware) shop and have the people there guide you and perhaps demonstrate the product, in the end you can still order it online and probably at a discounted rate. You won’t make friends with the shop owner that way but so be it.