In order to make sure that your sewing experience is an enjoyable one, there are a few precautions that I would suggest you follow. First, you should always look at the price before you even consider buying a product. If you fall in love with something, only to figure out that it’s way too much money 30 minutes later, you’re going to be kicking and screaming. I have a few different ways of going through sewing machine reviews, and I’ve learned a few things in my time reading them.

What Have You Learned?

There is a specific page that I visit: on almost a daily basis, because I’m a sewing machine fanatic at this point. I visit it to learn more about the many different sewing machines I could use to tame my hobby, but there’s only really one selection for all of us. Mine might be the same as yours, but in many cases, it might not work that way. That’s why I wrote this review, to help you see if this is the right fit or not.

Janome Sewing Machine Features

The loading features of a sewing machine can really impact how you feel about it, which is why I’m a big fan of the top loading jam proof bobbin system they use with this Janome machine. Your sewing experience will be tangle free and without hassle! The 7 piece feeder dog is used to work with fabrics on a very precise level, and the incredibly handy carrying handle is good for those who are moving extensively. 18 stitches come included and there’s also a built-in buttonhole, as many people tend to work with buttons through the use of their sewing machines. Its a machine based off of 110 volts, so anyone outside of Canada or the United States can’t use them.

Is It Expensive?

Yes, and that’s a good question. It’s expensive, but it’s still a reasonable price when you take everything into consideration. Its made out of high quality materials and is pushed to the market through a reputable name, and while it costs $299.99 USD retail, it’s worth the cash.


A lot of sewing machines will snag up and get caught on certain fabrics, but this did the job and cut through that stuff like butter. The 7 piece feed dog means your cuts will hit the mark every time through, and the handle is just down-right nifty. Top loading jam proof bobbin systems are like a blessing from above in the sewing machine world, and Janome is just a great brand all around.


It’s expensive! You’ve got to pay for quality, though, so be prepared to cough up at least $250 (the sale price) for this piece of equipment.


It’s expensive, but I can’t complain about the cuts that this sewing machine helps me make, so it’s all subjective. If you have the money, I would shoot for it – you only live once!