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Inside Apple TV, The Future of TV

The much anticipated Apple TV set-top-box is here, and despite the bugs, it could very well be the next big television technology, and by extension the future of TV.

The new Apple TV boasts a host of remarkable improvements over its predecessor. It comes with an App Store, voice control and the ability to scan shows and films across a multiplicity of apps. And perhaps the most intriguing feature of the TV is the arm-waving video games, the best since Nintendo Wii.

The Amazing Screensavers

Apple’s dazzling screensaver video sets in after placing down its touch (and motion sensitive) remote for a couple of minutes. The images include drones and helicopters flying over NYC’s skyscrapers, alongside San Francisco’s Golden Gate and speeding above the flourishing forests of Hawaii.

The Five Start Performance

Make no mistake about it though. There is more to Apple TV that just a pretty screensaver. See, while buying such an expensive set is not without risks you want to be sure that you’ll get value for your money.  And indeed, Apple TV doesn’t disappoint when it comes to what it can do.

The Apple App Store

Apart from the most apparent video apps, Apple TV comes with a host of other unique, groundbreaking and well throughout apps. Airbnb and Houzz are excellent apps for browsing destination and home décor ideas.

Artsy brings to the fore up-to-date art gallery to your space while Storehouse is ideal for showcasing your photos. Meanwhile Madefire’s super thoughtful book works incredibly well on the silver screen. Other notable apps include Gilt and QVC both offering you the convenience of window shopping from the comfort of your sofa.

It has taken Apple a couple of years to integrate its App Store to its set-top-box any yet, despite the long development, the TV is not without its flaws.

There are Some Downsides Though

Apple’s Remote app for iPhone is not compatible with the TV. Voice search also needs some tweaks, according to some users, the same with the interface. Pitted against its competitors such as Amazon Fire, the new TV lacks an essential feature, the 4K output.

In conclusion, what the new Apple TV brings to your living room is much more compared to the few slipups here and there.  The App Store, as always give Apple a competitive edge, which makes this box one to watch.