Trends come and go rather quickly these days, and none more so than in the coffee industry. A few years ago it was considered the trendy thing to do to peg down your favorite coffee shop that you could visit every day and sit awhile with your laptop. Now the trend has shifted, both theoretically and geographically, taking us back to where we wanted to escape from in the first place. Buying the right equipment and working hard to achieve that barista made coffee at home is now all the rage as more espresso machines become available on the market and some people are finding they can now work from home. Getting that coffee café perfect is a skill that is an enjoyable one to learn, and can be easily self-taught. Here are four ways you can enjoy barista coffee at home.


You might be thinking, “what on earth is a cafetiere?” because this is the lesser known name for it – the more common one being French Press. If you’re looking to upgrade your coffee quality from filter and instant, the natural next step in the process is to buy a cafetiere. This is a great place to start if you’re a beginner because cafetiere’s aren’t expensive – you can buy one for $10 at your supermarket if you’re on a budget, or purchase one for a little more at your favorite kitchen supply store. The cafetiere gives you a starter lesson in what it takes to make great coffee, one of the main ingredients being time – time to let the grind settle and then steep as you push down on the filter that separates the grinds from the water. It is simply done and results in a delicious tasting coffee you can enjoy at home.

Storing Your Beans

One of the first things a barista will ask you if you’re brave enough to ask for tips on how to recreate the ultimate coffee from within your kitchen walls is “how are you storing your beans?”. The beans of the coffee are a precious commodity to any barista, and they hate to waste even just one. It’s hard to believe, but the way in which your beans are stored can make all the difference to the ultimate taste of the coffee – they are fragile in different environments, and require a little bit of maintenance. The first piece of advice around storing your beans is not to put them in the fridge. According to knowledgeable baristas, this type of storage can dry up the essential oils found in the beans that make the coffee taste fresh – so if you want a longer shelf life out of your beans, store them in the cupboard.

Froth Your Milk

You can experience the beautiful taste of a homemade cup of coffee, without getting all fancy with the milk. But the milk is still an integral part of the coffee, and it does make a difference when it is warm and frothy. Instead of adding the milk cold to your black coffee, why not try frothing the milk until it’s light and fluffy and see if this makes a difference to the overall experience of it. This is especially helpful if you’re somebody who owns an espresso machine already, but it doesn’t have a milk frothing mechanism built in – which a lot of them don’t. If you’ve already invested in an espresso machine, you’re going to want the whole experience. Visit this page for some excellent reviews on different milk frothing devices that are sold separately to their espresso counterparts.

Get Creative With Flavors

Just because you’re making your coffee at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that delicious tasting Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte. The beauty of making coffee at home is you have all the creative freedom you could want to experiment with different flavors you think would go well with coffee, without freaking out your barista. Try natural ways of flavoring your coffee like a cinnamon stick or mint leaves if you’re looking for a refreshing take on the usual morning kick. Other flavors you might want to give a go are a touch of vanilla extract or adding a bit of cocoa powder – replicating that mocha you’ve been craving.

Why walk all the way down to your local coffee shop when you can have the same experience in your kitchen? Making coffee at home is the way to go these days, and there are limitless options when it comes to machines and products that can help you with this. Figure out exactly what you want out of your homemade coffee and look for all the necessary products, and you’ll be away laughing as you discover how easy it is to replicate that café experience.