Yves Tan Guy Our blog Factors to Consider Before Using Third-party Instagram Growth Services

Factors to Consider Before Using Third-party Instagram Growth Services

As a brand, your success on Instagram is dependent on a number of aspects. First of all, your brand needs to be visible to your target audience so that your content can reach them. Visibility is partly dependent on the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the more your content is likely to get to your target audience and vice versa.

Even so, growing your followers organically on Instagram can be demoralizing. A lot of time and effort is required, which unfortunately not many business owners can afford. As such, most of them have embraced third-party Instagram growth services as noted by Fred Harrington to grow their accounts and enhance their online presence. However, there are a number of factors you need to consider before using these third-party services as discussed below.

Free Trial

A genuine service should be willing to offer you a free trial period before buying their product. This not only reassures you about their confidence in their product but also gives you an opportunity to test use the service and see if it suits your needs. If you find the product is worth your money, you can go on and purchase or decline the offer if you think it does not fit the bill.

Contact Information

With so many growth services out there, it’s important to differentiate genuine companies from scams. One way of doing that is checking whether the company provides it’s address and contact information. Lack of such information is a red flag and should raise eyebrows. Secondly, if they do provide such information, it’s important to check its authenticity. Call the number provided or even search the address in directories to see if they conform to the company’s descriptions.

On the other hand, a genuine company should ask for your address and contact information. That shows that they have an interest in your clientele and may need to contact you in the future. Your contact information also makes it easier and faster for them to resolve any issues you may have. A company that does not ask for such information has no interest in conducting future business with you and just wants your money.


Any transaction that involves using your credit card credentials must be done in a secure environment. See to it that the site you are using is HTTPS secured. Secondly, ensure that all payment methods are safe and secured to safeguard your credentials. If you make transactions without taking into account their safety, you risk exposing your account details. With cyber-crime being a major concern in the modern day, leaking such information may get your account drained instantly without your knowledge.