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Crucial Tips For Keeping Your Inflatable Hot Tub In Shape

Inflatable hot tubs are quite famous due to their mobility feature and ease of storage. You can either decide to use it alone while reflecting on your life or with friends and family as you enjoy the moments. Good selection should be durable. Unlike their permanent counterparts, inflatable hot tubs are made of lighter material but still serve the same purpose. It thus means that you need more care when you are handling and using them. Selecting one that fits your needs may be challenging,butResidence Style has a guide for you. The following are essential tips to keep your inflatable hot tub in good shape

Maintain the desired chemical levels

Check for the desired alkalinity and pH levels as described by the manufacturer. Some of them will come with testing kits while others will not. Testing kits are always readily available from vendors who deal with either pool or SPA supplies. Ensure that you check the pH levels of the water weekly. The testing kits will come with tablets that can help you adjust the pH levels depending on the material. On average, a good pH should range around 7.4 to 7.6. You are likely to note damage to the vinyl which is one of the components if the pH levels arevery low.

Keep it in a safe place

Where you place, your inflatable hot tub has a direct impact on its lifespan. For instance, if you put in an area with sharp objects, the chances are high that it might get pricked and lose air in the process. You thus must ensure that the place is secure and free from any physical harm. Placing it in a dusty area may lead to the collection of dirt that will eventually block the filters. It is also advisable to cover your inflatable hot tub to avoid debris from getting in.

Clean it regularly

You should drain the water tub after every 3-4 weeks and ensure that you follow the instructions from your manufacturer. Make sure that you use softened water for the refill to avoid overworking the filters. The next step is to sanitize the water after refill as it ensures there are no germs that find their way into the tub. Keeping checking the filters and wipe away any debris or dirt that may have accumulated. Ensure that you use recommended detergents as some can destroy the surface of the tub.