BEE Rating: the international certification.

Today different certificates play an important role in creating a bridge that connects education, knowledge and skills with an actual recognition required for employment. There are many different companies you could certify your skills at. A lot of companies will even issue the online certificates upon completing certain questioners and problem solving. However, not all of them are equal. With some you could actually get employed with Microsoft, with others you could merely shove your ass. The toilet paper is not free, so don’t expect the certification to be free too.

The certification is an important document, so you should choose your accreditor wisely. The wisest option is to opt for any international certificates, so they could be easily recognized. Among many we could recommend BEE. For details, see B-BBEE accreditation.

The above are not just pieces of papers, as they actually certify a possession of certain skill and a measurement of your actual performance in one or another field. Although, you could virtually certify yourself in dozens of difference niches, usually only one certificate is required.

If you require more than one certificate you could ask for wholesale option, which could result in additional discount, though it would consume a lot of your time to get through all the tests.

With BEE you could successfully find employment not only in your own country but also abroad. Many people dream working abroad and BEE provides this opportunity in plenty. Working abroad should not only be applicable for these who were born in 3rd countries and ever struggling for higher pay. Many Americans would also enjoy working abroad, as they could spend far less money while sustaining themselves in the third world countries. And even in the third countries, the specialists are being paid very high rates, about 20 times more than the low qualification local employees.

So just by being a professional, and carrying with you a particular certificate, you could easily become a king somewhere among the Asians. This is really true; you could even rent a five star hotel and burn your money every day, as long as your are being a recognized professional.

The application for BEE takes around 3 weeks. Note that it’s not an instant process. In reality it’s a bit complex, though when taken enough care, it could be accomplished faster. So, if you want something to happen, you should start certifying yourself now.