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5 Items Your Home Emergency Kit Needs

Disasters can happen at any time. Every family needs to be prepared in the event of a major power outage, storm or other event. While many families put off creating a disaster preparedness plan, there is no time like the present to get started.

Aside from writing out contingency plans for every type of disaster, homeowners should put together a small emergency kit to help them get through troubled times. In many cases, your emergency kit is going to consist of things you already own. This means there is no excuse not to know where these items are.

If you aren’t sure what items belong in an emergency kit, read this guide to get more information.


Flashlights, Lanterns, and Candles

Light is incredibly important. Whether you are without power for a few minutes or for a few weeks, you will need to be able to see in your dark house. Most families include a single flashlight and a few extra batteries in their kits, thinking that their smartphones will provide them with all the light they need. The problem is, batteries die after a few hours. If you are without power for a long period of time, you could wind up using up your light sources on the first night. Instead, pick up a few candles and a lighter at the store. Manual crank flashlights and oil lanterns also make much better alternatives to traditional flashlights.


Smartphone Battery Pack and Charging Cable

If disaster strikes and you’re at 1%, you might not be able to use a wall socket to charge your phone and call for help. Having a fully-charged extra battery pack and cable with your emergency supplies could make all the difference. If you live with family, consider including a pack for each member.


Air Compressor

Transportation can be vital if you are trying to evacuate your home. Whether you are escaping on bicycle or by car, you don’t want to risk tire problems. If the whole town is without electricity, your local gas station probably isn’t going to have an available pump. Not only are air compressors great for everyday use, small portable designs can go right next to the disaster kit in your home. You have to understand the details to realize just how important and versatile portable air compressors can be.


First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is something that every family knows to include, but few people ever do. A package of bandages and a bottle of aspirin can be helpful, but it certainly isn’t the same thing as a first aid kit. Don’t rely on preassembled kits to get the job done. Grab a small box or bag and fill it with bandages, peroxide, medical gauze, safety pins, plastic gloves, tweezers and a small sewing kit. If there is room, a full-size bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen is recommended, but be mindful of expiration dates.



If there is an emergency, you need to be able to eat food and drink water. Selecting a few non-perishable goods, whether they be cans of soup or freeze-dried camping rations, and including them in your kit is a great idea. Keep a few gallons of purified drinking water and a rain catching kit just in case. Make sure you have a few days’ worth of supplies for each family member so you don’t have to venture out of the home if conditions aren’t safe.


Where to Put Your Emergency Kit

An emergency kit can go anywhere in the home, but make sure each family member knows exactly where it is. Many people keep their kits in the garage, as it makes it easy to use the air compressor or flashlight and then put it back. It also makes it easy to grab these crucial items if you are leaving the home in a hurry.

While it can be difficult to think about what we will do in the event of an emergency, it is important to be prepared. No one sees disasters coming, so it is better to build a kit and not need it. Make sure you and your loved ones are ready for anything with a disaster preparedness kit.


Do You Prefer a Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

When it comes to purchasing a Christmas tree, I’ve always been a traditionalist. I love the ritual of picking out the tree at a farm and cutting it down myself. I love the smell of the pine needles permeating throughout the house as I go about decorating the tree and the rest of our home.  Granted, it’s not easy, but once the tree is in my home, there’s nothing like that wonderfully happy feeling that transports me back to those wonderful days when I was a kid.

As I got older, however, many of my friends told me that they preferred artificial trees to the live ones. This confused me because I couldn’t imagine anyone not enjoying a real tree. That got me thinking, so I did some research on the pros and cons of artificial trees.

It turns out that there are a few benefits to having an artificial tree.

After reading the info on some informative sites, the truth is basically they’re all comparable. It just depends on a person’s preference and whether they have allergies.

This may sound strange, but I’ve actually never consider the allergy bit. I suppose if you don’t suffer from a condition you don’t really think of how it affects you.

I never thought I’d ever get an artificial tree until my daughter was born. She was so miserable during her first Christmas that we had to get rid of the live tree. Thankfully, we figured out it was the tree causing her sneezes and irritated skin and eyes.

If you’ve ever had to deal with this sort of thing with your child, you know the anxiety and helplessness that we felt. Add lack of sleep and the stress of the holidays, and you’ve got the perfect storm.

It took a few days for the effects of the live tree to dissipate, which gave me time to order a surprisingly realistic looking artificial tree with lots of lights. I figured if I was going to have the same tree for the next few years, I should get the tree I truly loved.

Can I confess something?

I didn’t just buy one tree. I bought the main tree plus some small trees to put inside various rooms of the house. The smallest one ended up doubling as a night light for my daughter’s room.

I also bought another tree for the patio. It didn’t have any leaves on it, but the lights were waterproof, which impressed me. This would come in handy for the times I entertained my friends.

I have to admit that the artificial tree we bought to replace the live one didn’t impress me at first. It wasn’t until I realized that I didn’t have to spend my time sweeping up the dropped pine needles every day or make sure to refill the water that I truly began to appreciate the new tree.

Another perk came in the form of the lights. Before, we had to string the lights around the tree carefully, making sure it was evenly spaced, but there were already lights on the artificial one, so that saved me time and frustration.

The final benefit was that the entire family could decorate the artificial tree together. The branches were firm, but not scratchy, so the kids enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree. Of course, they clumped a bunch of them together, but we just laughed.

Later on, I realized that having a real or artificial tree didn’t matter very much to me anymore. I had always been interested in what it represented: making memories.

I would always have the memories of my live tree experiences, but I was also adding to the memories with the new tree that we got.

As for the kids, they didn’t care which tree we had either. That surprised me, although it probably shouldn’t have. Adults tend to forget how adaptable children are.

They were just as excited when we plugged in the artificial one. They gasped with delight when they saw all those lights twinkling, which always made me smile.

I was happy with our purchase. I knew that the artificial tree would provide us with years of joy and laughter. Isn’t that what Christmas is about anyway?

Lost your ID card?

The explosion of the internet in recent years has changed a lot of things, and made a lot of things a much easier and more convenient than what they were. It has cut down the production time and process of many manufacturing jobs and enabled companies and offices to cut corners on projects without sacrificing the quality of that process.

easyIDCARD is one of these incredibly easy and practical websites gracing the internet for our convenience. Instead of going to a wholesale company that produces your company’s office supplies and hoping that they’ll be able to personalise each ID card to a professional standard – hoping that the faces of your employees won’t look too washed out – you can now head straight to easyIDCARD.

easyIDCARD is a website that offers a very convenient and efficient service, all done through your keyboard, wherever you are. Now you can be in control of the production process from start to finish, personalising your ID cards to a standard that you know you and your employees and/or colleagues will be happy with.

There are three simple, easy steps to this process. Firstly, you create your ID badge by selecting the template that suits you the best from the extensive range they have available. This range is inclusive of all industries and job titles, encompassing all corporate offices, teachers, medical facilities, journalists, and even those as official as the fire and police department. Through these templates you can easily find the one that best suits you and personalise it, adding your photo and the information you require on your ID card so that it becomes completely your own.

Secondly, you place your order. When you have completed personalising your ID card you add this and any other ID cards that you have created to your cart. You pay per ID card printed, which again allows you to be in control of how many ID cards you receive and pay for. There is no set up fee and no minimum quantity of ID cards that need to be purchased! Both of these steps also include a demonstration video, incase you can’t quite work out how to set up your own ID card. Have a look here to see how easy it is for you to personalise your own ID card.

The last step in the process is receiving your ID cards. These are sent to you by mail, and delivered either through express or ground service, so you know that they are secure and guaranteed to arrive safely. That eliminates any pick-ups on your end!

easyIDCARD is one of the leading websites in accessible and professional personalised ID cards, allowing you to have complete control in how your ID cards turn out. Being able to get a preview on what the ID card will look like before you have received it is a huge advantage when investing the time to make something that will serve you on a day to day basis.

easyIDCARD cuts out the hard and boring bits that you know you don’t want to have to deal with. The last thing you feel like doing is investing in expensive equipment and software just so you can produce a small amount of ID cards. It’s much better to invest that money into a company who has invested their money into that expensive equipment and software, so that they can produce yours and everyone else’s ID cards. That way you are just paying the small price it costs to produce the ID card, not all the other overhead that comes with investing in new expensive equipment. The only thing you need to create your own personalised ID card when working with easyIDCARD is an internet connection. Now that sounds like a pretty efficient way to do things.

The personalised design process, or step two in the three step process, is also completely free. You have the option of using one of their professional personalised templates, or even creating your own from scratch. Either way, you don’t have to pay to personalise your ID card. You only pay for what your order, so if you only create and order one ID card, that’s all you pay for.

You can see the final design of your personalised card instantly for preview and proof – you don’t have to wait for them to create it to see it. There’s a foolproof way to create something! There’s no room for error. Once you finalise the artwork, it is sent to the team for processing.

With easyIDCARD’s innovative application being the easiest, fastest and most intuitive online ID card creator, it’s no wonder that they have over 4,000 happy and satisfied customers. Don’t find a third party to design your ID card, use easyIDCARD’s software!

Facial Hair Trends

Facial hair has been one of the biggest trends in urban fashion for quite some time now. What started with the comeback of the moustache carried onto full beards, then thicker beards and vintage hairstyles like mutton chops and the Bandholtz beard. But could the days of the facial hair trend be numbered? There have been quite a few articles announcing the death of this trend. Some quoted science, explaining that the initial attractiveness of the beards and moustaches were down to their rarity. Now that everyone has one, claimed the reports, it makes more sense for men who want to stand out to actually shave their beards. This is especially true since big, unkempt-looking beards became popular, meaning men no longer needed to trim their facial hair regularly or spend time shaping it. But are men really abandoning facial hair in droves? Unfortunately for those who were so keen to see this trend die, the answer appears to be no. Flip through the pages of any fashion magazine for men and you’ll see plenty of bearded guys casually doing their thing. So if you’re considering growing or changing your facial hair, worry not. You’re still in good company.

The following guide will help you keep track of current facial hairstyles, so you can choose one that works for you.

Match your style to your face

Have you ever looked at your face and tried to define its shape? While this may not be a normal activity for you, it’s worth taking the time to become familiar with the shape of your face if you want to choose a flattering facial hairstyle. Not every style listed below will suit the shape of your face. We’ve noted suitable face shapes for each style listed, so that you can avoid unflattering styles.

Facial hairstyles

Shorter, thinner styles

Many men are now opting to leave big, bushy beards behind, turning instead to lighter styles.  Balbo beards, goatees (and related styles such as the extended goatee) are coming back into fashion, as well as styles literally grown out of the stubble. The shorter, trimmed styles can be made to fit any face shape. Balbo beards are particularly suited for men with narrow chins, while goatees are great for square and oval shaped faces. A step up from that is the circle beard, a combination of a moustache and a well-trimmed, short beard.

Full, trimmed beards

Another trend that seems to be following the lumberjack beard phase is to keep beards full, but carefully trimmed. These are often combined with waxed moustaches and groomed sideburns. The key here is regular trimming, shaping and treating your beard so that it doesn’t look unkempt. This is not to be confused with just letting your facial hair grow. Similarly to the shorter styles, there is a full beard style to suit any facial shape.

Wild man beards

While some say this trend is on its way out, evidence says otherwise. The lumberjack beard is still very much in fashion. This style of beard includes the Bandholtz (which requires hardly any trimming at all), the slightly more trimmed garibaldi, which is nonetheless a low-maintenance style and, of course, the faded styles that involve facial hair that joins the sideburns to the beard. While these may take a while to grow, once you’re there, you won’t really have to do very much to stay on trend. Minimum trimming is required.

Moustache only

Having spent a few years sporting large beards, some men are returning to the moustache days that pre-empted the beard revival. Everything from pencil moustaches to handlebars, imperials and other fancy shapes are now popular as ever. Handy if you want a cleaner look for summer but still don’t want to go clean shaven.

Shaving it all off

In the run up to summer, some men are opting to give facial hair a miss altogether. Many celebrities who were sporting beards not so long ago have abandoned theirs in favour of a clean shaven face, so why not you? Getting a shave will definitely make your hair cooler over the summer months and you cannot argue about how wonderful a fresh, close shave can feel.  Using an electric razor can make keeping your face shaved a breeze, so if you’re feeling a bit beard-heavy, why not give it a go?

Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio

If you are an audio enthusiast, you must have somewhere to record your track or music. You also need a place to rehearse for upcoming gigs. One of the best ways to start off is to have a home recording studio. Building one isn’t such a complicated task, as long as you follow a few guidelines from the experts. Let us dig into the list.

How Much Can You Spare?

You need to understand your budget. How much money are you willing to set aside for the equipment? The best approach is not to spend too little, especially if you are starting out because you might end up spending more in the long run. Why is this so? Well, if you only go for the cheapest equipment then you are not going to get satisfied until you get something better. However, if you spend a little bit more on better-sounding equipment, then you won’t have to run to the store any time soon to upgrade.

Hint: don’t just buy equipment because it is cheap, buy because you are going to use it. However, before you come up with a budget, understand what you already have.

The Computer

If you already own a good computer, you can perform a few upgrades to bring it to the level you want instead of going for a new one. This will help you save some money for other items. You can enjoy great deals on computers on various websites. Consider the storage size, multimedia cards and the RAM when making the purchase.

The good news is that most newer computers today can handle audio fairly well so don’t worry so much about getting the best computer on sale. You might make do with a refurbished model that will serve you the right way.

What should you look out for?

  • The Processor – if you are going to record quality music, you need a processor that can handle bigger loads. Go for a quad core processor with a minimum of 2.3 GHZ. The faster the processor speed the better.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM) – go for a minimum of 4 GB. More is better as well.
  • Hard disk space – if you get a computer with solid-state drive, the better. This is because these drives are fast. You can use the normal drives or buy an external drive to work with.

Having a computer begs the need for a backup solution for those times when there is a power outage and you are in the middle of production. Get a UPS for this purpose.

Audio Interfaces

The type of audio interface you choose goes hand in hand with the kind of music you produce. If your forte is electronic music that you record on the computer, all you need is an audio interface that incorporates analog to digital converters, which you can go ahead and hook the monitors to. These are ideal for electronic music only, because an A/D converter comes with limited capability.

If you plan to record vocals, then you need to have a converter that has two or more microphone inputs. You can use the inputs to record a wide variety of instruments. If you plan for live rehearsals along the way, get an interface with as many inputs as possible to make everything easier.


You need to pick a great pair of near-field monitors that can fit within the designated space but powerful enough to reproduce the mix perfectly. Fact: Mixers that are more expensive reproduce your mix much better than cheap monitors do. Well, high quality monitors promise just, well, higher quality.

One of the best ways to get the best monitor is by listening in to the sound they produce. Go online and find a supplier that has streaming options showing live demos. Let your ears help you make the ultimate decision.

Alternatively, find a monitor from a trusted brand, or read reviews left behind by previous users before you make a choice. These reviews usually clarify any doubts that you have with a certain item.

Setting Up Your Monitors

You need to keep in mind various aspects when setting up your monitors:

  • The Height: make sure the monitors are at the right height to hit your ears perfectly. The monitors ought to be at the height of your head, and the tweeters aimed at the top of your ears. This gives you the chance to listen to the full frequency of the monitors as you roll. Place them too low or too high and you won’t be able to hear the output correctly.
  • The Distance: place the monitors an equal distance from your head. Failure to do this leads to panning and stereo imaging issues. Your position plus the monitors ought to form an equilateral triangle.

The Microphone

You need a proper microphone for your recording studio. The number of mics you get will depend on the number of people in the band and the individual equipment you need to capture. While you are starting out, you need a decent mic to improve the sound you produce. The mics you choose ought to be ideal for vocals and acoustic guitar.

One of the top mics is the Shure MV71, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that supports USB and iOS connectivity. This mic gives you five preset recording modes and effortless headphone monitoring. A front panel gives you touch control to allow you change the settings easily. The large diaphragm gives you full recording capabilities as well. Check out more on this mic at http://microphonegeeks.com/shure-mv51-condenser-usb-microphone-review/.

Tip for Buying Audio Recording Equipment

There are so many equipment to choose from, and if you aren’t careful, you might end up being overloaded with these options. See what everyone else is buying, because there must be a reason why they are going for the item. Additionally, get credible reviews from previous users. These reviews tell you exactly what others think about the product you are looking for and the experience they have had with it. You can get audio equipment on various reputable online markets.

The Bottom-line

Setting up a home recording studio isn’t a hard task, and it isn’t an easy one as well. You would love to know how much you want to spend and budget it accordingly. It is always better to invest in high quality so that you don’t have to upgrade often. You also need to understand the perfect setup for flawless recording. User reviews are vital for making the final decision, because they tell you about the equipment you wish to buy. Take your time, know your financial muscle, understand the options you have, and then make the perfect buying decision.

Keeping children entertained on long flights

Long haul flights can be boring and tedious even for adults, so no wonder children can get so tetchy and hyperactive while flying. In an ideal world, none of us would need to spend so much time on planes, but sometimes we have no choice. Moving to a different country, visiting family or simply going on holiday to a hot destination – whatever your reasons might be for flying long haul as a family, you may be worried about how your children will behave on the plane. Many parents struggle with keeping their children under control during long flights and horror stories abound of parents being told off for children misbehaving, kicking the back of someone’s seat, crying or making a mess. You’ll be happy to know that there are actually all kinds of tricks and methods you can use to help your kids tolerate and even enjoy such journeys. Much of the problem is down to children simply being bored. And can you blame them? The good news is that with a bit of forethought and planning, you can keep most children entertained enough to be well-behaved for a significant part of the flight, if not all of it. This article should help you plan your next journey and make it as stress-free as possible.

Try to match their sleeping time

Overnight flights are great, because your child is more likely to sleep through them. Of course, the excitement, change of setting and issues such as turbulence, etc. may mean a bit of grumpiness when the child becomes tired yet refuses to sleep, but eventually he or she is likely to fall asleep and stay asleep for the majority of the flight. Of course, depending on where you’re flying to, this may mean the child (and you) will suffer worse jetlag on the other end, so plan carefully. It might be easier to keep a child awake and entertained on a plane than to deal with a jetlagged child for days afterwards.

Bring an assortment of toys and books

Sometimes you don’t get to choose your flight times, or your child wants to stay awake. Make sure you bring a whole assortment of toys and books with you and introduce them gradually. Children often have a short attention span, so a toy that entertains them for an hour may lose its appeal. Have enough entertaining things with you so that you can surprise your child with something new frequently throughout the flight.

Bring your own food

It almost goes without saying that you shouldn’t rely on dubious airline meals to keep your child happy while flying. Bring plenty of snacks to give during the journey. If you are trying to make your child sleep, avoid sugary snacks and opt instead for foods rich in protein.

Make use of the inflight entertainment system

It’s worth checking in advance to see if your plane is equipped with a seatback entertainment system. These often come with special programmes for kids, including games, cartoons and children’s movies. While it’s not safe to assume this is the case with your particular flight to the point where you don’t bring any entertainment yourself, if it’s there – use it. Your child may well enjoy the novelty and it may keep him or her entertained for many hours. Many airlines have special activity packs for kids too, with toys and activities. These are great as a backup plan and an extra gift for your child, but don’t count on them being there. Always bring your own.

Bring your own entertainment and gadgets

A laptop, tablet or iPad loaded with games and movies can be a lifesaver on a flight. Choose a selection of your child’s favourites, as well as new things to keep him or her entertained. These can act as the primary sources of entertainment throughout the flight. Make sure you bring headphones with you (preferably wireless ones) to avoid disturbing other passengers.

Do thing together

Activity books, colouring books and other educational activities can be a fun way to get your child engaged during a long journey. Choose games and activities that can be done quietly, as many fellow passengers will be trying to sleep during the flight.

Get up and stretch your legs

Children may feel trapped sitting in one place for too long, so make sure you get up and walk around with them every once in a while if necessary. Be careful of letting them run around on their own, though, as they could fall down and hurt themselves if not carefully watched.

4 Popular Home Improvement Myths Busted

When browsing through home improvement tips, you’re bound to come across some popular tips that will actually cost you more money in the long run. You’ll find some of these pieces of advice shared all around the internet, but just because they look popular doesn’t mean they are helpful. If you’re like most people, you want home improvement ideas and DIY tips worth your while. You want to minimize wastage and save money.

Following the wrong kind of DIY advice will do you more harm than good. Here’s a list of popular DIY tips for improving your home that will prove costly in the long run, and should therefore be treated as nothing more than myths:

Use lemons to clean garbage disposals

Go by this piece of advice if you want your plumber to pay you a visit soon. This DIY fix is somewhat popular, but you need to tread carefully here. An expert plumber will tell you that while citric acid does a good job as a natural deodorizer, it won’t take long before metal in the disposal starts to corrode. The lemon peel is also likely to clog the pipes and cause damage to the grinding components. This means having to buy a new disposal and hiring a plumber to fix it.

There’s a better way to clean your garbage disposal that doesn’t involve lemons. Just turn the disposal on, run cold water, and throw in at least two trays of ice cubes while the water is running. The water and ice cubes will clean up any buildup on the disposal’s walls and grinders. To deodorize, use vinegar. You can find some more excellent DIY advice like this on DIY Luke.

Change HVAC air filter every month

The typical advice you’ll see ever so often is that HVAC filters should be changed every month. While it’s true that changing air filters on a regular basis is recommended if you want to keep the HVAC unit running efficiently, you don’t have to do it every month. Many homeowners throw away perfectly fine filters, not knowing that the filters could work for at least another month or two. That means incurring an extra cost of about $100 per year.

The Department of Energy has a better suggestion: be sure to check the air filter every month, but not necessarily change it. You may change it if it doesn’t look clean, but make sure to do a replacement once every three months.

Seal ductwork with duct tape

Just because it’s called duct tape doesn’t mean it’s the right material for sealing leaks in the HVAC system. The US Department of Energy did run some tests and established that the duct tape will take just a few years to deteriorate. This is because the HVAC unit discharges hot air, which slowly degrades the glue and allows the conditioned air to leak without having done its job. In the end, you’ll be faced with higher energy bills before you know where the problem lies.

A better solution for sealing the ductwork is duct mastic. This is a soft and sticky substance similar to caulk that will dry up fast when applied. For wider gaps, use duct mastic in combination with fiberglass mesh. Be sure to use gloves when working on metal ducts, as the edges can be very sharp, and also because mastic can get really messy.

Use bleach to get rid of mold

While bleach can be effective at removing mold on non-porous surfaces, it’s not as effective on porous or absorbent surfaces. Unfortunately, mold likes to show up in the more porous areas, such as drywall, caulk, insulation, grout and carpet. So what the bleach does on such surfaces is feed further growth of mold, as the mold will just absorb the water from the bleach. Also keep in mind that bleach is a health hazard that is best avoided whenever possible.

An anti-fungal product that removes the mold right at its root would be the safer and cheaper solution. If the mold covers too much space (more than ten square feet), calling a mold removal specialist is advised. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to wear protective gear—think tough gloves and a respirator.

Cut Costs and Get Cheap Motor Trade Insurance with These Great Tips

As a motor trade business owner, it’s essential to find the right motor trade insurance.  In today’s tough economic times, everyone is looking for creative ways to cut down costs and reduce overheads. Whether one runs a vehicle servicing, car sales dealership or a bodyshop, One Sure Insurance could be a great place to start.

Here are some few tips to help you save money in the long and short term.

Declare a no claims bonus

You can get up to 60% discount for a no claims bonus earned on a previous motor trade insurance policy. What this means is that you can benefit from huge savings if you have a proven claim free record. For people who’d rather not transfer their no claims bonus, an insurance company may provide a mirrored no claims discount which may significantly reduce their premium.

Individuals who spent years working under their employer’s policy and would like to set up their own may also be able to get discounts if they are able to confirm a claim free record from their previous insurance company.

Pay all at once

While some people prefer to pay their premium on a monthly basis, what they don’t know is that they increase the cost by 15%. This could be a lot more depending on the value and type of insurance. To cut down costs, pay all your insurance at once instead of spreading the cost over the year.


Reviewing one deductibles can make a huge difference when it comes to trade auto insurance. Before going for deductibles with a higher vale, ensure that you are able to cover them even if you get into difficult times. Moreover, you may have deductibles that are not relevant. Swap them for those with a higher value to minimize your premium costs.

Check on what your motor trade activity

Motor trade insurance companies deem certain activities such as vehicle salvage, breakdown recovery or dismantling as hazardous and could increase your premium. Car dealers specializing in prestige vehicles and performance may also increase their premiums. On the other hand, insurers offer reduced rates for people involved in bodywork, MOT preparation, and servicing. To make sure that you get the correct cover, disclose all your motor trade activities. Hiding some of your activities may end up being costly in case a claim is reported.

These are some of the ways you can reduce your motor trade insurance costs. Contact your insurer today to learn more about different ways you could cut down costs.

Why You May Want to Have a 3D Printer

In the vast world of technology where incredible devices are created every day, 3D printers may stand above the rest. At least, for pure entertainment and awe-inspiring reasons. If you don’t know what these beasts are capable of, then you are in for a real treat. Although they can be a little steep in price (with some that you can find cheaper than others), you may not be able to resist the temptation of owning one yourself. If you come to this realization, it’s strongly recommended to visit lady3d.com as you will find all of the necessary buying information you will need. However, let’s get to some of the reasons you might want to do this.

Design and Sell

If you have a craft for designing but you can’t find a job doing it because you have zero experience, then maybe you should take it into your hands. Whatever you can think of and design, can be made with a 3D printer (at least in the realm of possibility). You could create and design brand new smartphone cases, new card holders, house supplies, jewelry, or anything your little heart can think of. However, what’s really cool is you could still get paid even if you didn’t have the money for a 3D printer. Some businesses will actually purchase your designs and print them themselves. If you aren’t very confident in your ability to design, then send a business (who wants designs) your 3D design before investing in one. Then, if they accept it you know you have the ability and then can invest in your own 3D printer.

They Can Save You Money

Look, the initial price of a 3D printer is most likely going to scare you away. However, as mentioned earlier, you can find some without completely breaking your bank. If you can, you might be surprised to know that over time you will end up saving money. When you need to buy household items (towel holders, razors, coat racks, etc.) you have to go to a store and purchase them. See, if you have a 3D printer you can design all of the items you need and print them off. At first, it may take you a long time as you will have to get used to using 3D modeling software. As you go along, though, you will end up being so talented that you will create objects that you don’t even need!

The Creativity

One of the most frustrating aspects to shopping for items online (or at the store) is not being fully satisfied with them. Maybe you wish something had another use or maybe something isn’t designed well. Either way, what’s so great about 3D printing is that you are under full control. If you think something should be added, you can add it. You never have to worry about an item disappointing you because you can always make modifications to them. Also, you are free to have any exterior design that suits you. Honestly, the only issue you might run into is your mind not coming up with any more ideas.

A Great Way for Your Kids to Learn

It seems like as technology advances, the younger generation becomes more dependent on it. For instance, how many young children do you see with smartphones these days? It seems like hands-on experience has lost its edge, but it can be brought back with 3D printing. If you do have kids in your house, then this is a great way to make learning for them more entertaining. Not only could you print off helpful objects to teach them about certain subjects (solar system model, puzzles, etc.) but you could also have them design objects. This can enhance your child’s knowledge and creativity, while also giving them something that they can enjoy doing.

They Are Just Plain Fun

If for no other reason, you should consider eventually investing in a 3D printer because of how much fun they are to use. Think about it for a second, you could design anything your heart desires and it could be brought to life. If you told your eleven-year-old self that this was possible, then there would be no stopping you from doing it. So, bring out the fantasies of your younger self while also developing a brand new skill that will undoubtedly impress all of your family members and friends.

Whatever you need to do to get your hands on one of these bad boys, you should do. If that means starting up a “kitty” where you put a few dollars a week into it, do it. Just remember, there is a possibility you could make your money back in the long run. However, the chance is there to make something the world has never seen before. Are you sold yet?


Miracle ME81 Rice Cooker Review

Over the years Western culture has had many imports from the Far East which have changed the way we live our everyday lives. Everything from fireworks to paper right through to floppy discs have come from the other side of the world, so when a new invention pops up you know it is one that will be helpful and well worth paying attention to. The invention in question here is not brand new by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a relatively recent addition to Western culture. This invention is the rice cooker. You may have been hoping for something slightly more exciting to blow you away there, but once I start describing exactly what a rice cooker can do for you, you may see why they are such an impressive piece of kit! Up today is the Miracle ME81, and we will be looking to see if it is the best rice cooker for the money.

So tell me what it does

I am sure we have all suffered the fate of slightly over or under done rice before and that is what the Miracle hopes to avoid. It has a stainless steel cooking bowl for easy cleaning, a separate stainless steel vegetable steamer tray, measuring cup, and rice paddle all included so you will be full kitted up. The glass lid allows you to see how your cooking is progressing without disturbing the progression, but perhaps the most impressive feature is still to come. Once your rice has finished cooking you can set this machine to a different “keep warm” function so that your food never gets cold. Clever isn’t it!

What does it look like?

To say that this is a very simply designed machine would be an understatement. The looks of the Miracle has been solely based around those of a large saucepan so at least the rice should feel at home! It has a white plastic casing which is otherwise non-descript, but the aforementioned glass lid is a very clever design element which deserves to be pointed out. For anyone worried about the size and how it will affect their precious kitchen workspace, it is round and the diameter measures 11.8 inches. 

What are some of the positives?

Efficiency is the name of the game here and Miracle seem to have done it well. If you want a simple rice cooker where the is no potential to get confused (as there is with other rice cookers who’s control panels look akin to that of the space shuttle) then this is the machine for you.

And what are the negatives?

Some previous customers of the Miracle cooker have stated that it fails at the basic elements of its job. It will not cook rice properly and it is not built very well at all. That being said, the good comments outweigh the bad so it is up to you whether or not you take a risk.

Give me a brief summary

Cheap and cheerful was the motto of choice when Miracle were creating this cooker and you can see why. When it works, it seems to work well, providing you with rice as and when you need it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to do that too often. This is one to avoid.